Amber for Lulu is a new independent label, driven by an appreciate for genuine quality and adventurous art.

Founders of the brand have been designing and manufacturing bags since 2000, the year when the first product was launched. This was a good foundation resulting in exposure and distribution across the world reaching its peak in 2007/8.

However, this foundation was in small pockets and never really had the chance to be properly leveraged to build enough brand awareness before its downfall at the face of the retail crash of 2008. The online world was about to take over if it hadn’t already. We just did not see it coming early enough.

Its second attempt, only a few years ago, building a sweatshop in Mexico brought to the brand toils and tribulations that involved travelling across Vigilante territory, across dangerous borders such as that of the state of Michoacan – machinery, materials, hardware travelled across huge areas of land to build a base and training ground for local machinists for production. Cheaper labor did not pay off. And in the end the inefficiency of local customs and export officials, not to mention the crooked bankers who constantly emptied our bank accounts, the doors of our second attempt had to be shut down despite financial casualties.

Now in 2017 Amber for Lulu, a third and new brand, has begun its new strategy of e-commerce exposure, creating a plan through a carefully thought out digital marketing and social media campaign to support this effort throughout Europe.

The extension into sleepwear is unique and easily applied into the brand that allows you to fit yourselves with a complete design motif ensemble, bags with matching sleepwear and accessories. The acceptance across the country is overwhelming.

But Amber for Lulu is not just another brand but a company that is trying to voice its own sense of style and which is supported by friends and family. People who have helped in the hard work needed to achieve its 3rd time lucky attempt, but we all know luck plays no part. Sheer determination and hard work have always been the key.

And one last thing…



Wherever you are with your Amber for Lulu beauties,
whatever you’re doing, we really want to see.
We want you to become part of this family.
Brunching, beaching, flying, shopping, gyming,
chilling…Please take us with you. Fuel the wanderlust – #AFLaroundTheWorld #Lulutraveller #travelbuddies